helps businesses and consumers control their online lives.

By drastically expanding the scope of freely available information, the Internet has fundamentally altered the concept of privacy as well as how people form opinions of anything and, perhaps more significantly, anyone.

The proliferation of blogs, online forums, and social media has created a space for fruitful exchanges of information between people across the globe. While readers often take what they find seriously, such content should not always be considered at face value. When it comes to information about people, the Internet and search engines often call up information that is private, untrue, or out of context.

The growth of the Internet has made managing your online reputation online a necessity. Through proprietary technology we allow customers to monitor the web, delete their personal information, and control how they look when searched online. With the backing of Kleiner Perkins, Bessemer, August Capital, Floodgate, Icon Ventures, and others, primed an industry focused on providing individuals and businesses with the necessary tools to define their online image. Today we are thrilled to be serving customers in over 100 countries, and honored to be recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2011 Technology Pioneer Award winner.

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